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Pacific Fleet Game Trailer


Pacific Fleet is a fast-paced and detailed game of naval warfare between the United States and Imperial Japan set during World War II.

What is the role of a Sheriff’s Officer?

Sheriff_Role_720p_YouTube 080

A video commissioned by the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria outlining the role of a Sheriff’s Officer.

What skills do you need to be a Sheriff’s Officer?

Sheriff_Skills_720p_YouTube 016

A video commissioned by the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria outlining the skills needed to become a Sheriff’s Officer.

T.I.O. Annual Report 2013 (Auslan)


The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Annual Report for 2013, presented with an Auslan translation.

Smith Street Dreaming Festival


A video commissioned by the Neighbourhood Justice Centre for the Smith Street Dreaming Festival.

Blue Ribbon Day 2013


A video commissioned by the Victorian Department of Justice to promote Blue Ribbon Day 2013.

Take A Stand Against Bullying

[Postcard] - Brodie s Law postcard FINAL-1

A video commissioned by the Victorian Department of Justice explaining the need for ‘Brodie’s Law’ as part of their ‘Take A Stand Against Bullying’ campaign.

Sugar and Fat Metabolism

Ken Sikaris

A series of seminars on the themes of low-carb nutrition, eating healthy fats, sourcing and preparing healthy whole foods, exercise, the paleo approach and also nourishing our food producing environment in a sustainable way.

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    "Handeye Productions is my first choice for any video work. They have a reputation for professionalism and creativity that is well founded, but are still willing to listen carefully to my team's requirements and meet their budget constraints. We have always been impressed by what they produce.” — Bevan Clark, Founder of Stateless Systems

    "We wanted to produce a dynamic thank you video to members but had a really small budget. Handeye Productions were able to listen to our brief and shape a video proposal around our limited resources. They managed to deliver a high quality product within our very short turnaround time. The resulting video received great feedback from members and staff." — Cathy Coote, The Wilderness Society

    "As a not for profit we have limited funds, so it was great to get in touch with the Handeye Productions team who were able to use their industry contacts to pull in favours and produce us a professional broadcast commercial that met our budget and campaign needs." — Jess Abrahams, Australian Marine Conservation Society

    "Working with Handeye Productions on member video updates was so easy - they take the time to understand our audience, helped us develop a great script and the video came in under budget. Plus we got great feedback from our members who loved receiving it!" — Larissa Olenych, Nature Conservation Council of NSW