Fainting Your Way to the Top (2006)

Synopsis: Fainting is probably one of the most overlook skills in life. At the ‘Dead Away School of Fainting’, we equip all our graduates with this precious relationship skill and show how fainting has changed from simply something you did when you skipped breakfast. We guarantee that next time your will isn’t strong your knees will be weak.

Production Details: Filmed in Sydney, Australia in late 2005. Shot on Mini DV over 5 days with a volunteer cast & crew.

Festival Screenings & Awards:

  • Official Selection Revelation Perth International Film Festival (2006)
  • People’s Choice Award – Hopscotch Surry Hills Film Festival (2006)
  • The Digital Pictures Audience Choice Award – Love Your Work! (2006)
  • N.A.F.A Showfest (2006)
  • Newtown Flicks (2006)